Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Work Continues

I continue to work on my Caldera bangle from Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. It is slow going and repetitive but I think I am going to love it when it is finished.  I ordered a lot of delicas yesterday - some great colors.  I am dying to try some of the other designs in this book but I always finish one before I start something new.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Caldera Bangle Start

Just so no one thinks I have abandoned beading here is what I am working on.  It will eventually be a Caldera bangle from CGB.   I started this a few days ago and I know it is going to take a long time.  I am dying to move on to some other projects in the book but I started with the ring and this is the next progression - I want to be sure I know what I am doing and how to do things, so I am following the book step by step.  I also have never worked with delicas - so I need to buy a lot of them - I want to wait until I am more comfortable before I place a big order.   I hope I am going to love this - I am not thrilled with the color but this is the color of beads I have right now and it will have to do for my first try. I am off to work on it right now!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Power Puff Ring In Progress

So I received my copy of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork a week or so ago.  I had a couple of project to finish so I just took a quick look.  Now I am done with any beading I needed to complete and can really look at and work with my new book.  I love this book - it is beautiful and well written - like nothing I have ever seen and it is so exciting.  I decided to start at the begging and work through it using it as a learning tool.  As tempting as it is to skip ahead and try to make a fortune teller bangle or a helix I am going to start small and work my way on to bigger things. Above is my power puff ring.  I am just finishing up the band and will attach it shortly. I couldn't wait until it was finished to take my photo!! Next I want to try my hand at a power puff or caldera bangle. I see lots of delica beads in my future in lots of luscious colors.  I really love to learn something new and I think the way the information is presented in this book makes it ideal to learn and grow as a beader - I am ready to roll!!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Another Pendant

So I made another pendant - this one from a pattern by Beverly Ash Gilbert.  Now I have two to choose from for the wedding.  The problem is I like them both - sigh.  This one is black and silver in a heart shape.  I guess when the day comes I will pick one - or maybe wear one for part of the day and then the other - they both look great with my new dress.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Super Duo Pendant

My latest and probably last super duo pendant (pattern is by Ellad2).  The super duos are blue picasso and the center is a hematite rivoli.  I need something to wear with my new dress to a wedding coming up in May - this could be it!!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Imagine - Beaded Bracelet

This is a beaded bracelet I made last night from a lot of left over beads strung on memory wire.  For me this is a good way to use up a pile of beads and also to use up the memory wire I bought a number of years ago. I really hate to work with memory wire - it is very unforgiving - I have cuts all over my hands.  It is finished off with some charms on the loop ends - one has the word imagine on it - hence the name.