Friday, June 28, 2013

Elf Ears

Elf Ears - this is my second tri-wing cuff.  I used size 8 green iris and gold beads.  I wanted to make one more just to make sure the pattern below was correct. I am ready to move on to some horns or zig-zags next.  I am loving my Contemporary Geometric Beadwork book by Kate McKinnon. I have pre-ordered Volume II.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Raven Wings

I am slowly going through my book Contemporary Geometric Beadwork by Kate McKinnon.  I have made a few pieces so far and this is my latest “Raven Wings”.

I am up to the wings and horns section of the book and one of my favorite cuffs is on page 96.  I thought something like it would be a great first winged cuff to try.  I just finished it and I love it – you want to know how I made it??  Well here is how.

Beads size 8 – yea that’s right size 8 for this one not the usual delicas.  I used a tube and a half of black and maybe 1/3 tube of a hematite color for accents.

I measured around my hand with my thumb tucked in to see what approximate size would fit over it.  I also measured while I was making the belly band for sizing.  I ended up making a belly band 48 units almost 8 inches.  It is a bit loose at this point but will tighten up as I bead. A number divisible by 3 since I am having 3 wings.

So here we go.  I made a belly band in black 48 units and it was joined to make a circle.  To make the belly band see the book page 39 or see this video Kate made on MRAW Bellyband & Tri-Wing Ring:!
On the top side of the belly band I did 2 additional rows of peyote and on the other side 3 additional rows of peyote before starting the wing row.  Don’t forget to step up at the end of your row. I wanted a few rows for a wrist band before the wings and this worked out quite nicely.  I only needed to do 2 rows on the top because the first row of peyote is included in the belly band – isn’t that something!!!

Now I am ready to start my first set or top 3 wings.  I have made a graph to show my placement of the wings.

So if you look at this graph there are 48 beads and in my cuff they are all black – I am using red and blue to show the placement of the top and bottom wings.  So we are going to do the top portion (red) first.   Start your peyote row and when you get to the red spot add 2 hematite beads.  This is the start of the herringbone rib for the wing.   So for this row I have 15 beads in between the 2 hematite rib beads (3 times).   I continue in this manner adding the 2 hematite beads to form the herringbone rib of the wings.  This increases 1 bead in each section (3 beads total) per round.  Do not forget to step up at the end of each row and do not forget the beads before and after the herringbone rib – this is important.  I kept beading until I had a wing 11 rows high – which means I have 25 beads in each section between the ribs.

I finished off the side with a point row (a peyote row with a bead in each space) of hematite beads for a nice contrasting edge.

Second side (remember you 3 peyote rows if you haven't done them yet). If you look at the chart the blue is where the 2 beads start for that sides wings.  I still have 15 beads between wings for the first row.  I continued the same for 11 rows and finished this side with a hematite point row.

I hope this is not too confusing.  If you make a tri winged ring first this will be a piece of cake.  The trick here is to have an odd number of beads between the wings so you can stagger them on both sides – or not if you don’t want to ; )

I actually worked a little on both sides rather than finish one side first. I want to thank Kate McKinnon for for this most excellent book!!!!!